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Why PayPal payments are safer – and why that matters for online casinos and players

People interested in finding safe online sites for casino games or sports betting will almost invariably begin by reviewing the available options on a high-quality online casino news aggregator site like The Casino Finder. But one consideration should stand head and shoulders above the rest for anyone planning to place a wager on any gambling platform: how safe is your money when you gamble online?

A supplementary question linked to this contains the answer. It’s this: Does the site process payments using PayPal? Let’s explain.

While today’s online casinos are high-tech platforms offering a raft of sophisticated, highly-engineered games, visitors wishing to gamble need to know that the site is safe and that payment options on offer are thoroughly secure. No one wants their bank account or credit card details hacked because of preventable holes in online security.

Because of the sheer volume of financial transactions that pass through these sites every day, it’s no exaggeration to assert that their payment methods and security are of paramount concern. And that’s where payment processing giant PayPal comes into its own.

This massively popular e-wallet has been in existence since the early days of the internet and has understandably become the world’s market leader in online payment processing. Although it’s a US company, it’s used by millions of customers and vendors in no less than 150 countries across the world to make payments safely and swiftly, especially in Europe and the West.

It supports multiple currencies, including the most popular ones (USD, GPP, EU and CAD), and less widely-used alternatives like JPY, MYR, NOK, and PHP. Not only is it incredibly versatile (you can make payments from your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone), it’s also speedy and easy to use.

And because it’s been around the longest in the online payment processing space, it’s had plenty of time to develop its security to make it well-nigh impregnable. A state that it’s continually updating with dedicated, top-tier cybersecurity experts to keep constantly ahead of the latest evolving threats and scams. Its data encryption technology is frankly peerless, even using uber-robust Two-Factor Authentication to protect users’ personal accounts. And another bonus is that no one has to worry about a monthly fee – all transaction fees are debited instantly as the transaction is made (and it’s also the cheapest option out there).

These features make it the go-to choice amongst a vast number of reputable online casinos: more online casinos accept PayPal today than any other payment method.

These are the reasons why online sites often prominently feature PayPal as their payment processor, as it immediately reassures prospective users that their personal transactions are thoroughly safe and secure. Some of the latest, most technologically avant-garde online gambling sites, like the UK-headquartered PayPal Casino, want customers to know in advance their use of PayPal ensures that any wager they make, any payment they receive, will never compromise their security.

And for those who fret that records of their transactions on gambling sites might show up on their bank statements, PayPal offers another advantage. As the consumer tech site G Style Magazine puts it, with PayPal, “… there are no gambling records cropping up on your bank statements. No sensitive information is ever shared with online casinos. Casinos can only see your e-mail address.”

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