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CGF Record Broken At Cash Game Festival Tallinn

Have you heard of the record-breaking performance at The 2017 Cash Game Festival in Tallinn? Find out more in this post!

With action-filled poker rooms and players enjoying themselves to the core, the Cash Game Festival in Tallin 2017 hosted at the Olympic Park had been a hugely successful event. A variety of games was witnessed all through the festival, with the likes of pineapple Chinese poker (open-face), Sviten Special, pot-limit Omaha and no-limit Hold’em. Also included is the choice of super dealer, where some games require you to place cards on your heads.

Setting A Ground-breaking Record

As a tradition, 10 onscreen feature tables were displayed each day with 2 tables per day. The player winning the maximum big blinds on a feature table is the ultimate champion. This time, Heiti Riisberg from Estonia won the 3rd Cash Game Festival, after winning 1682 blinds at a frenzied no-limit Hold’em session. This was a record-breaking performance first time ever, since the inception of the CGF Festival. To date, nobody has won as many blinds on a single table as Riisberg did this time.

Other Key Highlights Of The Festival

Financially, the biggest winner of the festival was Rain Jogioja from Estonia. He booked a whopping profit of over 950 big blinds or €4,860 on the feature tables of €5 pot-limit Omaha. With a profit totaling €2,350, the winner of CGF London Trophy Jon Kyte was the most successful player on Day 4 at the €5 no-limit version. On the other hand, the winner of CGF Dublin Trophy from Ireland, Kevin Malone, was the showstopper on Day 5 at the pot-limit feature table. He made an earning of €1,165 worth more than 230 big blinds.

On the other hand, many players grabbed big earnings on side layouts, with as much as €100,000 on the layout between the players on the third day at the pot-limit Omaha valued at €5. Some of the pots in the game reached 5 figures. Unquestionably, the event was all about poker, but there were some interactive things happening outside of the layout, good for bonding with new people and catching up with those you met last time. During the CGF Tallin, players with exclusive welcome package enjoyed a VIP party, a lavish dinner, nude models painting and welcome drinks.

CGF London Knocking At The Doors                   

With a new record set in CGF Tallin, the action will shift from Olympic Park Casino to London, as you don’t have to keep waiting for the subsequent festival to arrive. The 2018 season of CGF will be starting initially in the year during January, with its 5th appearance in London at the Westfield Stratford City. You should be expecting at least 12 features tables running at the same time, with epic activities to follow. Register for the occasion in advance to book your spot. Master Soi from Norway who randomly won the £1,500-value package will be taking part in the festival as well. All eyes would be on the player who’s looking to break the record set by Riisberg, who won the most blinds on a feature table. There’s plenty of action to follow this coming New Year!

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