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Flopomania Leaked By 888poker!

A mysterious new poker game from 888poker was accidently leaked onto their lobby. We look at this leaked poker game – Flopomania!

Something strange happened a few weeks ago in the lobby of 888poker: a mysterious new poker game was suddenly available for all and sundry to play. Named “Flopomania” with a little hint of irony, players were able to use real money to play this new game from 888poker until it completely vanished a few hours later. Players were left baffled as to what had occurred until the company released a statement.

Accidental Release

An 888poker spokesperson announced that the game was released to the general public in error, blaming it on a technical incident. The game had been in the final stages of testing and was not ready to be released. This didn’t stop many players from being able to play, what could be, a game-changer. In the small window of opportunity that players got to play it, they were both impressed and excited at this new style of poker.

What Is Flopomania?

It appears that Flopomania is a variant of Texas hold ‘em, but it has all the preflop betting action removed. This means that anyone at the table can see the flop in every hand. Meanwhile, it looks like blinds have been omitted from play, with each player paying an ante before being issued with their hole cards. Then the flop is dealt. After this, the game just continues as a regular Texas hold ‘em, where players can bet on the flop, then players will see a turn, (which will have another round of betting) then a river with the final round of betting to complete.

Why Stop Preflop Action?

We like what 888poker has done here with Flopomania. By getting rid of all of the preflop action, we feel the game actually becomes faster and action-packed, where you are going to have to be on top of your game to win. As everyone can see the flop, it will mean the hand value changes. One point is that pocket aces will no longer carry the same weight as regular Texas hold ‘em, as all players will now be able to crack them on the flop and they won’t have to pay to see them.

Brings The Fun Back

This new product from 888poker will bring the fun back into poker, namely due to the fact that players will always have the ability to see the flop so that every hand they are dealt can be fulfilled. In addition, 888poker will also offer a Push or Fold Flopomania, giving players the opportunity to decide if they will go all-in or fold by using a pre-determined amount.

Overall, the new game will give players more action, more defends, and even more multiway pots. As there is one less betting round, it makes Flopomania a much faster game, as the additional ante pushes it into a real action game. 888poker has ensured that they are staying ahead of the competition when it comes to pioneering new games onto the market, but it has to be said: was this really an accidental release, or just smart marketing from the team at 888poker?

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